Week 10′s Results & Grand Prize drawing!

Wow, what an amazing finish!! It looks like there were quite a few units that didn’t report until the last week – we went from 150 or so sheets to well over 215 in 4 days! But even after that, Pack 106 in Grafton came in on top, followed by the Boy Scouts of Troop 158 […]



Week 9′s Results!

Almost done, and the top seller contest is VERY close!! There are a few Boy Scouts duking it out, and a few Cub Scouts too! As far as unit results are concerned, Pack 106 in Grafton keeps adding to their lead for the Cubs! And it’ll come as no surprise that Troop 158 in Shrewsbury […]

Week 8′s results

8 weeks in, and Scouts are doing a fantastic job! Pack 106 took the lead in the Council, and looks to be cruising into the finish line! And Troop 158 continues to lead on the Boy Scout side, with some fantastic results from a whole bunch of their Scouts! Excellent work! There’s only a week […]



Week 7′s Results

Wow, look at some units turn on the heat! Pack 106 has made a great push, and has a strong lead on the Cub side! But Troop 158 continues to lead the entire council! Amazing work from everyone! We also had many, many “first sheet submissions” this week, which is really good to see! Pack […]

Week 6′s Results

WOW!! Check out Troop 158′s progress! It looks like there are several Boy Scouts who are earning a ton of money for their units AND scoring some cool prizes! The top prizes (iPad minis or the Sharks Experience) are being contested by several boys, both Cubs and Scouts – I wonder who’s going to walk […]



Week 5′s Results

Sheets are still flying in! We’re continuing to see sheets from new units, which is fantastic! It’s great to see scouts from many towns getting the word out about Scouting, and getting community support for their units!

Week 4 Results!

Sheets are flying in! We have a ton of new scouts filling sheets this week, from units all over the council! It sounds like sales are really strong – keep up the good work! It’s another surprising week, as another Boy Scout Troop, Grafton’s Troop 106, makes its entrance, and almost exceeds Shrewsbury’s Troop 158. So two Boy Scout Troops are in the top spots for the council – Troop 158 holds the lead for now for the Boy Scouts, and Pack 147 is still in the lead for the Cubs!



Week 3 Results!

Wow! It looks like a couple of units are off to a great start for Week 3! And, surprise, surprise, a Boy Scout Troop is leading the way!! Troop 158 in Shrewsbury has the Week 3 lead at $2,546 with Cub Scout Pack 147 in Oxford close on their heels with $2,324!

Sign up to pick up your Show and Sell orders!

On Friday, September 13, we will be sorting the popcorn to satisfy orders for pick-up that day and on Saturday the 14th. Now is the time to identify the day/time you would like to pick up your unit’s order. To choose a time-slot, please access this Sign-up sheet. We do need help with sorting orders, […]



Week 1 and Week 2 Drawing Winners!

Every week during the popcorn sales period, each completed order sheet that’s faxed into the Council office will be entered into a cool drawing for a $25 Mohegan Council Store gift card! So, the more sheets you fax in during a week, the more chances you have to win!

So who won the drawings for Weeks 1 and 2? Check this post out!